Jordan Lambrecht at Urban Trails nursery during the pandemic.

Hi, I'm Jordan Lambrecht, a Professional Something or Another based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Creating well-designed and personal moments that make people happy gets me out of bed in the morning – and keeps me up at night. As such, an off button is not part of my programming, be it with animation, web development, or any other outlet that involves making something exist that didn't before. When I'm not staring at a computer, I'm probably building something, killing plants, or making shitty pots.

I'm the Director and Founder of Pixel Bakery Design Studio and sit on the Board of Directors for the Lux Center for the Arts. Sometimes I host workshops, create tutorials, and do some public speaking.

I give credence to the idea that the critical components of a greater creative community are vulnerability, de-stigmatization of mental health, and equity.

I believe in free and open education, treating human beings like humans, and empowering those not as far along on their journey as I am.

I believe in you. ❤️